About Us

Greenhaven Energy is a women-owned and operated engineering firm that specializes in industrial energy projects. We are based out of Portland, OR in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

We have extensive experience in manufacturing and energy-efficiency, and believe that these areas complement each other. Our track record tells us that energy efficiency does not have to come at the expense of manufacturing output. To us, energy-efficiency is what results when manufacturing is at its most optimized. For example, programs such as Lean Six-Sigma share core principles that are very similar to energy efficiency work (for example, minimizing waste).

We believe that the role of our business is to advance our community by empowering organizations to make informed energy choices. While organizations may have different reasons for their decisions, ranging from cost-savings to sustainability goals, each project has tangible results that play a role in addressing climate change.

Greenhaven seeks to promote a culture that allows those we work with to excel. We strive to create a space where underrepresented groups in engineering can flourish and can draw support from each other. Our culture emphasizes elevating each other; encouraging, mentoring, and advocating for one another.